Feeding Your Pets – The Myths

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If you have pets; shopping-onlinebe they birds, dogs, cats or more exotic creatures – you might probably have had difficulties with their diets at one point or another. And you might have certainly heard various stories of how feeding those certain types of foods might accidentally kill them. Whilst some of these can actually be legitimate claims, a large number of these stories are often myths. Here are the top myths in relation to feeding your pets:

The vet has the best food for your pet – whenever you bring your pet to the veterinarian for their regular health checkup, you might naturally see the various types of feeds stacked out for all customers to see. There is a very popular myth that the vets have the best feeds for your pets, and that accordingly, when buying feed, you ought to buy it from the vet. The truth is that when it comes to pets, especially dogs and cats, the best feed is meat you can find at any supermarket – the one you buy for yourself. Pet feeds often contain grains and other plant proteins that are actually hard to digest for animals to digest.

Dry food and cleaning teeth – when you buy cheap dog supplies and cat supplies such as dry foods, you might have heard of the story that these can actually clean the teeth of your pets. It does not take a genius to understand that this is a lie through and through. Actually, kibble – just like meat or any other feed – can and does get stuck in your pet’s teeth, and unless you regularly brush them, you will be inviting dental problems.

Choking hazards – buying legitimate bird supplies is often the better opinion, but there is a myth that normal feed such as rice or more unusual treats such as peanut butter can lead to their death. The truth is that both rice and peanut butter are nutritious snacks for birds: rice is a staple of many wild birds, and even cooked rice can be given as bird food (most birds will gladly eat it!); peanut butter should be more of a rarity, but it is highly nutritious and an ideal source of energy.

Raw food is a bad idea – to begin with, your pets are not humans: they are animals, and accordingly, their digestive systems are built much more differently than that of humans. And naturally, animals are used to eating raw foods: when ever did animals cook their food? Accordingly, the idea that raw food can cause ‘human’ diseases in animals is a myth. Pets can easily digest raw food without any complications – you just have to take care that the food is in good condition and not spoilt.