How To Make Sure That Your Child Does Not Act Out During Meal Times

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Children have various stages of growing up and they grow through each in a very different manner. Tantrums at the dining table are among some of the most common challenges that parents have to face with their children. While the reasons for one child to act out during meal times can be completely different to another, there are some general rules of thumb that you as a parent can follow to ensure that you do not have to go through this. Here are some of these helpful tips.

Eat with your family
If both you and your partner works full time, it will be very difficult for you two to eat together with your child. But at least once a day maybe at dinner at least, you both should make it a habit to sit down with them and eat together and eat healthy. It promotes two things. Even if you are giving them infant formula only, they will enjoy the fact that they get to share some time with their mom and dad as opposed to having a maid do it for them. Next, when they see you both eating healthy meals, they will follow your example and be inclined towards eating healthy as well.

Shut off distractions
Today’s biggest problem is the technology that has penetrated our lives to such an extent that they overshadow everything else. Your meal times with your kid should not be one where they are fed while you are busy looking at the smartphone thinking of how to get your hands free for a quick swipe. Instead shut off the television and the radio and put away your mobiles. If you really must, make up stories and tell your child while you feed them their toddler formula and bond with them. Make funny faces, keep them happy and you will have a child with great table manners and eating habits.

Do not lose your patience
Even despite all of this, there are times when even the best behaved kids will put up a fight against food and even through a bit of a tantrum trying to get their way. The best way for you to deal with this situation is to simply let them shout and cry it out and remain silent and calm. When they see that they cannot elicit a response from you, they will automatically calm down and eat without fussing. A child will never starve themselves. They will always eat when hungry and eat as much as their body needs. Even if you have had an exceptionally long day, if you lose your patience and shout back at your child when they are being fussy, it dignifies that wrong behavior of their and validates it. It tells them that shouting will get them your attention and that is just not the right way to do meal