Serious Criminal Offences And The Laws.

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What is a serious crime.A serious crime is one that the offender uses force or threatens the victim. This would cause grievous bodily harm to the victim or may even result in death of a person or several people. While there are many serious crimes, crimes such as Rape and Murder are the most common and leading serious crimes.

Laws related to wounding and battery.

Causing damage to another’s property or a person is considered as a serious crime. It could amount to battery or assault. Recently a law was brought to state that scolding a person or calling a person and disturbing them may also result to be treated as assault by speech. There are many assault lawyer Campbelltown who you might go to. A lawyer who is an expert in dealing such cases would also take upon other cases such as cases related to domestic violence. It is rather a difficult task for a convict in an assault case to be free of charge. The only way that the sentence of an offender may reduce is if he pleads guilty and brings out acceptable circumstances to prove that any average man would have acted in the same way in such a situation.

Infringing laws related to traffic rules.

Another serious crime is the crime of violating traffic laws or in other terms, infringement of traffic rules. Traffic rules are brought to govern and regulate vehicles and pedestrians to ensure that there are less traffic and accidents. Many of us are unaware about the rules related to traffic law. Few traffic related offences dink and drug driving, drive under the influence of any drug, refuse breath analysis, and speeding. Committing a traffic offence may result in large fines or even trials. There are ample of traffic infringement lawyers who you can ask to appeal for you. They are the only solution that you might have in case of violating a traffic rule.

Laws related to homicide and rape.

These as stated previously are the most serious crimes. Offences that falls under homicide are murder, manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. And the offences that fall under the category of rape are statutory rape, sexual assault and other sort of offences which are sexual in nature. Rape is committed by having force sexual conduct without the consent of a person. This is a very barbaric act and thereby a serious offence. The punishment for rape is imprisonment. The penalty for murder if it is murder done with the intention if life imprisonment or at times death penalty. The laws are made strict to ensure the safety of the public and thereby, to minimize the crime rates of a country.