Converting Your Garden Into A Pet Friendly Area

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If you want to allow your pets to roam your garden and enjoy it, then here are a few steps you need to do before turning them loose…

Fencing the area and keeping your pet in

You know without having to be told that unless you fence your property, your pet is going to be running away on adventures more often than you can count. And though it might come back home eventually, it can be very dangerous if you live close to a commercial area, or if you live close to the main street. But fencing it might not be enough if your pet will dig out a tunnel or squeeze through the gaps of the fence. Consider fencing in under ground as well and making sure that not only are there no gaps on your fence, but that it’s tall enough that they can’t leap over it climb it either. A determined pet can be pretty acrobatic; so don’t underestimate it!

Dealing with plant danger

Rotten branches and poisonous plants are a disaster if you have a large enough garden, and if your pet likes to explore. When you’re making the garden safe for your pets, make sure that there are no rotten tree branches that can potentially be harmful to your pets. Contact an arborist Sydney based, and get this problem fixed. Next, get rid of all the plants that are dangerous to your pets. Remember that though it may not be harmful to humans, certain plants can be very dangerous to certain animals. Do a thorough research on this before letting your pet loose.

Comfort under the paws

Unfortunately, your work is yet to be completed. If you’ve managed to fence in your area, and contacted tree services Turramurra, then consider your garden relatively safe. However, it’s also important that you make sure it’s comfortable for your pets to run about on. Make sure there is a definite path way in your garden (in a material that is comfortable for their paws; even under the baking sun), so that they may use it for playing. If your pet is a dog, then chances are that they might even use the pathway to “petrol” their home and “their” people. And though they might mainly enjoy running around, some dogs also love having a spot for themselves in the garden to snooze at; so installing a garden dog house is also a great idea to see to their comfort…

A place for them to relieve themselves
If you love gardening and really enjoy your plants, then the large thing you want is your pets peeing in your flower plants (or worse, your vegetable patch!) or digging them out while they try to bury their poop or hunt for hidden treasure. To avoid this from happening, allocate a specific area of your garden for this purpose, and then make sure to train your pet to identify this spot as the place to relieve themselves at.

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